The company AcadeMedia was founded in 1996, although the oldest business within our group is far older.
In 1898 Hans Svensson Hermod founded “Malmö Språk- och Handelsinstitut”, The Language and Business Institute of Malmö. Later on, his institute developed into what is known today as Hermods.

Many years later, but still long before the concept of charter schools existed, the next business that is a part of AcadeMedia was founded. The year was 1968 and Mikael Elias, a Romanian immigrant, founded NTI. Mikael Elias immigrated to Sweden in 1955 and had a fascination with pedagogy, a passion that characterized his whole life. His fundamental idea was that anyone can learn as long as you have the right attitude and conditions. One of his mottos was: “You can become whatever you want, as long as you want to”.
His strong spirit still lives in AcadeMedia. As part of his legacy, we want to provide each student with the right conditions to grow, learn and graduate from our schools a bit wiser, more knowledgeable and more competent than before.
Milestones in the history of AcadeMedia

Hermods is founded under the name Malmö Språk- och Handelsinstitut.

NTI is formed. At that time, NTI was primarily a correspondence school for adults. NTI stands for ”Nordens Teknikerinstitut” and offered technical education.

The reform of free schools is introduced. A great number of entrepreneurs start their own schools. Parental cooperatives, staff cooperatives, corporations and foundations became and are still common school operators. Many of the brands that are currently part of AcadeMedia were founded by these entrepreneurs during the 1990’s.

Vittra starts its first school in Sundbyberg, outside of Stockholm.

AcadeMedia is founded.

IT-Gymnasiet is founded.

AcadeMedia is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange, which gave the group many owners, big and small. The trading was relatively modest and at most the group had about 14,000 shareholders.

NTI-gymnasiet, the NTI upper secondary school, opens. The focus is the same as at NTI-Skolan, technology and media. This signifies the starting point of NTI’s work with upper secondary students.

We decide to extend our offer to the adult education market and incorporate several brands that work in the area. One of them is Eductus, which has become one of our biggest brands.

Between 2004 and 2007, many strategic decisions are taken around the future of AcadeMedia. One of the resulting goals is to grow AcadeMedia by merging with other educational businesses. At this point, the history of NTI is merged with that of AcadeMedia. In 2007 NTI is incorporated and AcadeMedia gets its first free school.
Later in 2007, Knowledge Partner Syd AB is incorporated which strengthens the AcadeMedia Masters brand, which is focused on KY, advanced professional training courses.

In August 2007 the upper secondary educational brands Ljud & Bildskolan and Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola are acquired.

An important milestone in the history of AcadeMedia. AcadeMedia is merged with Anew Learning, a company that owns the primary and upper secondary school brand Vittra. This alliance forms the biggest educational group in Sweden as AcadeMedia now consists of over 20 000 students in more than 70 schools. From 2008 AcadeMedia cover education from preschool/reception to adult education.

The number AcadeMedia schools reaches and exceeds 100.

Swedish company EQT buy 79.6% of the AcadeMedia stock and the American company Providence buy 17.7%. The remaining stock is owned by individuals not wanting to sell their stock shares to either EQT or Providence. During the last half of 2010 AcadeMedia is delisted from the Stockholm stock exchange.

Pysslingen, ProCivitas, Plusgymnasiet and Plushögskolan are incorporated into AcadeMedia. EQT becomes the sole owner of the Group.

AcadeMedia acquire the John Bauer primary Schools Galären, Växthuset, Karin Boye and Björkenässkolan which together form the subgroup AcadeMedias Fria Grundskolor, the free primary schools of AcadeMedia. AcadeMedia also incorporates Designgymnasiet and KompetensUtvecklingsInstitutet.

Stockholms Internationella Restaurangskola and KLARA Gymnasium is incorporated with AcadeMedia, as is Hermods, one of the oldest educational brands in Sweden. This is also the year AcadeMedia expands across the Swedish border by acquiring the Norwegian preschool/reception brand Espira.

AcadeMedia takes its first international step when merging with the German preschool company Joki. Joki has seven preschools (kitas) in Munich.

In april 2017, the German preschool company Step Kids Education, Stepke, becomes part of AcadeMedia. At this time, Stepke has ten preschools in Brandenburg och Nordrhein-Westfalen.