All businesses within AcadeMedia are united by a strong conviction that quality pays off. Central to all our strategies is to guarantee that all of our preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education students. Schools are offered an education of the highest possible standard to ensure that they reach their educational objectives and chance to reach their full potential.

Thorough measurement and monitoring of our business makes it possible to compare our results both internally within AcadeMedia and externally with other education providers in Sweden and abroad. It is important for us to have a quality management system that supports innovation and development, and that drives pedagogical diversity. To this end we have created a joint quality and management system called the AcadeMedia-model.
Our definition of quality

To which degree are the educational objectives met (=functional quality)
In a way that wins the trust of our customers (=perceived quality)
That makes our children and students well prepared to move forward in the education system or their career (=efficient quality)